Thursday, September 28, 2017

Badam Pak

Almond powder/ flour - 3 1/2 cup,
White rock sugar (mishri) powder -  1 1/2 cup,
Ghee (clarified butter) - 1/3 cup,
Cardamom (elaichi) powder - 1/2 tsp,
Mace (javantri) powder - 1/2 tsp,
Black pepper (kali mirch) powder - 1/4 tsp,
Saffron (kesar) - 1/4 tsp,
Cinnamon (dalchini) powder - 1/4 tsp,
Clove (long) powder - 1/8 tsp,
Dry ginger (sunth) powder - 1/4 tsp,
Poppy (khas khas) seeds - 1 tbsp,
Nutmeg (jayfal)powder - 1/2 tsp.

Grind almonds using mixer grinder to make fine powder. Sieve almond powder to remove any chunks.

Grind white rock sugar into fine powder. Sieve to remove any pieces of sugar.

Take all the spices listed under the header of " Spices " section above in a plate and keep aside.

In a pan, heat ghee.

Add prepared almond flour. Roast till it gets light pink color. Keep stirring and roasting continuously over low to medium flame to roast evenly.

Add all the spices listed under the header of "Spices" section above. Mix well. Roast for 1 - 2 minutes over low flame.

Switch off the flame. Add powdered white rock sugar.

Mix well.

Let it cool down completely. Store in an airtight glass container.

Adjust amount of spices as per taste.
Amount of white rock sugar powder may vary.
Take a tablespoon of badam pak followed by milk.

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