Thursday, March 23, 2017

Peanut barfi | Mandvi Paak | Sing Paak | Peanut Burfi

Peanuts - 2 cup,
Cardamom powder - 1/4 tsp,
Sugar - 1 1/3 cup,
Ghee (clarified butter) - 1-2 tbsp,
Oil - to grease the tray,
Water - 2/3 cup.

Dry roast peanuts over low to medium flame till slightly change color. Stir constantly to prevent burning and even roasting.

Remove in a plate and let it cool down completely. Remove skin of roasted peanut with the help of kitchen towel as per below image.

Crush peanuts in food processor and turn into fine powder. Sieve powdered peanuts using siever.

In a heavy bottom pan heat sugar and water over medium flame. Cook sugar syrup till it gets two string consistency.

Now lower the flame to low medium and add powdered peanuts. Mix well.

Now add a tablespoon ghee along with cardamom powder. Mix well on medium flame.

Stir and cook mixture over low to medium flame till mixture starts to leave sides of pan. Now switch off the flame and add remaining ghee(1 tbsp). Mix well. Transfer mixture into a greased plate.

Let it set for 6-7 hours on room temperature. Place cuts while set well. Take out pieces and store into airtight container up to 15-20 days.

Adjust amount of sugar and ghee.
Water can be replaced by milk.
saffron can be added for more flavor.


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